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Thank You <3

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|-Himitsu-|, 12 Jul 18:00 ( Reply )

Thank You - Oh yes Dexter and Susan brings some fanservice :D



There's only one problem..

I don't have any questions to answer..
Sooo, I would be extremely happy if you could send me some questions in a little PM (or comment if that's more comftarble)
You can ask Me, Dexter and/or Mandark/Susan/Stanclark something
You can ask as many questions as you want

So send me a little PM or something
Besides, don't you just love it when Dexter has to answer emberrasing questions? 8D

Advertisement, 27 May 16:36 ( Reply )


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hmmm okay ive got a few!

1)Dexter: Why do you know not to Drink and Invent and what did you invent?
2)Mandark: What would you do if you had a romantic rival?
3)Dexter and Mandark: What do you guys think of your fourth wall fans? *presses button and fourth wall slides down revealing screaming fangirls with signs that say "SUSAN/MANDARKXDEXTER 4 EVER"*

Thank you. *discreatly tries to hide her own sign behind her back*

posted by Crazygirl132 on 12 Jul 22:42

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posted by shinjilim on 13 Jul 05:40

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