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did you see my llama? :D

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|-Himitsu-|, 04 May 13:40 ( Reply )

Random Information!!! - Alright first of all: Yeah I colored DeeDee on this page, I was only supposed to color her ribbons but ended up making a complete color drawing ^^''

Second: Yes that was supposed to be Dexters parent's and no I have no idea of what the hell happpen to his fathers hair... I kinda killed it........

Third: Why does Mandark keep photos of Dexters family?

Fourth: Recently I've discovered that there are A LOT of GLASSES in Dexters Laboratory!

*Dexter has glasses
*Dexter's father has glasses
*Dexters teacher has glasses
*Mandark has glasses
*Mandark's father has glasses
*Mandark's mother has glasses
*Douglas has glasses

Someone really seam to like glasses....

Anyway enjoy 'Forbidden Memories' page 24 ^^

Advertisement, 27 May 16:10 ( Reply )


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Reader Comments:

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1) i think Dexter's dad looks better with his hair the way you do it
2) i luv the way you drew Dee Dee! She looks SOOOOOO PWEETY!!!
3) Dosent Mandark have a crush on Dee Dee in the show?
5)he prolly got the pics from Dexter's house... i hope

posted by Crazygirl132 on 04 May 17:39

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*pfft* DooDoo xD And no I didn't see your llama :3

posted by Chisume1 on 07 May 12:17

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Well...umm...weren't they still at his house? So they would have pictures of DEXTER'S family at DETER'S HOUSE. 0-o

Just thought I'd point that out.

And is your llama pretty?

posted by Kunai Youki on 21 Apr 22:33

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@Kunai Youki: What? No they're in Mandark's house XD

posted by |-Himitsu-| on 30 Apr 02:34

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@|-Himitsu-|: Oh wow...that just makes things creepy now 0.o

posted by Kunai Youki on 02 May 20:15

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@Kunai Youki: I have been thinking the same thing XD

posted by |-Himitsu-| on 05 May 10:18

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@|-Himitsu-|: Even the author finds it creepy!! IT"S A CONSPIRACY!!! 0x0

posted by Kunai Youki on 09 May 00:55

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