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|-Himitsu-|, 08 Dec 12:21 ( Reply )

U P D A T E ! - Sorry for the delay, lazyness and also my family just moved back to my old house (which I hate.. a lot)
But now I'm back with a fresh new page for ya all!!

My art has improved a lot these months so this page looks different from the others which I'm very happy about.

Advertisement, 27 May 16:11 ( Reply )


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Her name is actually LalaVava? Wth is up with these weird names for the females in this series? 0-oY

posted by Kunai Youki on 21 Apr 22:52

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@Kunai Youki: Well it IS explained in the next page but oh why not: Her real name is Olga, LalaVava is just a nickname C:

posted by |-Himitsu-| on 30 Apr 02:42

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@|-Himitsu-|: Lol I saw that right after I posted this coz I kept reading, but, seriously, what is up with the names in this series? :P

posted by Kunai Youki on 02 May 20:11

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