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|-Himitsu-|, 28 May 22:30 ( Reply )

BIG NEWS!! - It's 05:24 AM so I decided to let my randomness create this comment for you!
It's not really big news, I just thought I'd tell you guys about Forbidden Memories status for now.

The MAIN reason it's not updating isn't because of stress or anything like that, it's because it's completely improvised and so I have reached the part where I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS GOING TO HAPPEN!! ;_____;

But hey! Summer is comming soon which means I will have plenty of time to work with a storyboard so do expect me to create something soon after June 14th!!

I was actually going to start the storyboard now, but my teacher gave us different myths and legends to work with and I decided to make the story about Narcisuss into a comic so I have to spend all my time drawing on it sence I only have 2 weeks and I'm drawing it at home.. And the cover took me over 24 hours to make... OTL

Anyway! Do expect updates after June 14th! I might even be able to make regular updates!! WOOOO!!!!!


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It entertains me that you said June 14. Because that's my birthday.

posted by kurozaki on 29 May 12:39

  TrixhYewu ( Reply )

Always the best content from these prodigious wirters.

posted by Nonie (Guest) on 02 Aug 08:45

  ( Reply )

you spelled fucking wrong. Well i guess that's what happens when you posting things so early in the morning, that and letting your randomness take over.

posted by angelfox on 03 Oct 06:12

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@angelfox: Not really, It's supposed to be spelled like that on purpose, such as "Lawl" and other c:

posted by |-Himitsu-| on 05 Oct 13:57

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