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You thought I was dead didn't you?

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|-Himitsu-|, 30 Dec 14:52 ( Reply )

OH SHIT - What is this? It can't be an update can it?

IT SURE IS!! You thought I was dead didn't you?!
For those who's still confused, he didn't gain ALL his memoris back, just a few~

Well time for another lame exuse which I can't even spell properly:
1. Since I've moved my freinds has it easier to travel to me and vice versa so I'm spending a lot of mah weekends with mah bros
2. I've been going through a HUGE identity crisis lately so my mood hasn't really been the greatest. It's been days when I don't want to do anything at all..

BUT!! I feel better now so MUHA here's your page!!

As you can see I decided to draw Susan's hair differently than I normally do, I failed big time didn't I?

Advertisement, 27 May 16:23 ( Reply )


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Lol, it looks nice. (Mandark's hair AND the page.)

posted by kurozaki on 30 Dec 15:43

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