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Forbidden Memories (DexDark)

This is a Yaoi Doujinshi between Dexter McPherson and Mandark Astronominov from the CartoonNetwork show ''Dexters Labratory'' Dexter and Mandark have always been rivals when it comes to be the greatest genius of them all. But latly Mandark has starting to doubt that being a genius at that age is such a good thing after all. When Mandark finds out that Dexter has the same thoughts about not wanting to be a genius he stops his attempts of destroying Dexters lab. But just a few days later when Mandark just happens to be passing by outside, Dexter suddenly loses his memories during an injury in his head when an experiment goes terribly wrong. But suddenly, Mandark doesnt want him to remember their rivalry anymore...



Dear lord what is this? Wissler on Facebook??
Why yes indeed! I have (by miracle) gotten Facebook! WOOO!!!

For those who'd like to add me:

Pff I don't even know why I'm posting this XD

posted by |-Himitsu-| @ 12 Mar 17:44  -  0 comments

Dexters Laboratory Ego Trip

I just finished watching the Dexter Movie called "Ego Trip"

Just plain awesomness 8D

That movie really made my day 8D

It was so AWESOME!!!! Dexteeeeeeeer~ GAAH *fangirl*

Even though seeing Mandark in a thong kinda scarred me for life...

Still awesome though...still awesome......

"Thanks Billy" 8D

posted by |-Himitsu-| @ 07 May 15:52  -  0 comments

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